Three of the Cadaboo’s co-founders (left to right) Ofer Gazit, Idan Vardi, Sharon Gazit

Cadaboo is a web application that creates personalized videos using top quality animation.
By uploading a few photos and answering a few simple questions, You can create your own personalized animated 'Love Story' or 'Save The Date' video, in minutes!

Cadaboo's team is a group of professional animators that after years of experience in the animation industry, wanted to find a tool that will allow people to create personalized animations for use in various personal occasions, and of course, at an affordable price.

Well, we came up with Cadaboo!
Whether you are getting married, celebrating an anniversary or just want a sweet memory – Cadaboo is the place for you. Enjoy!

Oh yeah... you might want to know that Cadaboo is patent pending. Yay!