Become a Cadaboo affiliate

Cadaboo is a unique and innovative way to create personalized animated videos.

Our users can create their own personalized animated 'Love Story' video or a fun 'Save the Date' video, generated in minutes by Cadaboo. All this by uploading a few photos and answering a few simple questions

It's easy!

We run our affiliate program with BlueSnap. BlueSnap's smart-system offers you real-time analytics and assessments of all aspects of performance, so you know how your campaigns are doing and how much you've earned.

How do you sign up?

Just click on the "Become a Cadaboo affiliate" button, which will bring you to BlueSnap's online application form. Simply complete the form, create an account and Cadaboo will automatically be added to your account.

Get started!

Just copy the product info URL (highlighted below) from your 'Product Catalog' at BlueSnap and start spreading the word.

For more information about becoming an affiliate at BlueSnap click here.
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