Weddings Invitations in the Digital Age

These days technology has seeped into all aspects of our lives and we can say that there is no human today who is left untouched by it, technology is increasingly being used by couples to enhance the experience of their wedding day

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These days technology has seeped into all aspects of our lives and we can say that there is no human today who is left untouched by it. Technology has shaped and is continuing to shape the way we interact, consume, create, learn and communicate. Hence it is only natural for technology to have become part of the most special day for a couple – the day they get married. We all have friends who immediately updated their status to ‘Married’ on social media, right after exchanging their vows. From the planning to the execution stage – technology is increasingly being used by couples to enhance the experience of their wedding day.


Wedding Invitations – the coming of age in the digital age

Traditionally, a wedding invitation was sent by post to the invitee. For centuries this was the norm, and although the charm of a beautiful and elegant handpicked wedding card or a personalized handwritten letter never gets old, the present era is digital. In a time where official work communication takes place over e-mail, love is being searched for and found online, dating sites are thriving and matrimonies too are being fixed through matrimonial sites, it is only natural to also progress from manually sent wedding invitations to electronic invitations.


E-invites: why you should use them

It is convenient. Sitting down with hundreds (or is it thousands?) of paper invitations, manually writing down names and addresses by hand, can be a tiresome job. Even if you have help, it would surely take a day or two to finish the task. Who has that kind of time in today’s fast paced life? Surely the bride and groom have a lot more to fret over and prepare for. They have all that wedding planning to do, remember? And digitization is all about making life easier.

It is inexpensive. Paper invitations can be expensive, especially when you are buying in hundreds or thousands, and the designer crafted ones even more so. Also, do not forget an equal number of envelopes. E-invites on the other hand, can be made into one-fit-for-all. When inviting friends or family who live far away, say, in another country, an e-invite is the most practical method and one can save up on the expensive courier charges. No need to buy stamps either!

It is fast. Just consider the pace of snail mail. Haven’t we all received wedding invitations that arrived by post, a well, fortnight after the ceremony took place. Imagine the heartbreak of not being able to attend your friends or cousins wedding for no fault of yours. Many a misunderstanding and strained relationships have resulted from a postal wedding invite that was sent but arrived too late, or never arrived at all. E-communication, on the other hand, is lightning fast – we are comparing seconds with weeks here. Also, you can always tell when the invite has been delivered to the recipient or not.

It is customizable. Whether the groom likes his invite to be funny and quirky or the bride wants an elegant and romantic touch to the invite - it can all be done. In many cases, both styles can be had together in the same invite, if the couple so prefers. There is no end to the creativity in wedding ideas this offers. Let us also not forget that it is trendy and most people these days are tech savvy.


E-invites: how you can use them

Although e-cards are extremely popular and convenient, if you really want to play with creativity and want a more personal touch and create a memorable experience with regards to your wedding – an invite in video format is your answer.

Having a video invite can be a fun way to invite your guests – whether you want to make them go ‘Awww’ or make them laugh – the possibilities are endless.

Here are some creative tips you can use when creating your own personalized video invite:

Enact out your love story. How did the bride and groom-to-be meet? Were they set up by their friends? Did they face any hurdles in being together? What role did the parents play? Recreate the events as they happened in your life. Tell your story. It will help make the wedding a more personalized affair for the invitee.

Make your own short (very short) wedding invite film. Write a short script of no more than 5 – 10 minutes of footage. A comedy story can be a great idea into making the footage interesting for the viewer. Perhaps the groom-to-be can enact out the situation of being a henpecked husband or the bride-to-be can show off her acting skills by portraying the role of mother to a dozen naughty kids. A well executed invite film can have the invitees in splits.

Capture the planning stage of your wedding into video and send it as invites to proclaim, ‘Hey, this is what is happening in our lives and you’re invited!’. Wedding planning can be a tedious job and can involve a lot of funny moments – or you can make it look comical with good video editing *wink*. It will be an invite to remember.

A personalized video message addressed to the invitee by the couple and/or by the families of the couple will touch the recipient’s heart. This can work perfectly well when very few people are to be invited and invitees can be addressed individually.

For the traditionalists, who are not up for fun and games and wish to add a religious touch to their wedding invite – a sober video invite containing religious quotes and snippets of the couple speaking about how they wish to live their married life in accordance to their religious belief – can be a wonderful way to invite someone to your wedding which you hold sacred. Classy.

Funny, romantic or traditional invitation – a great way to get the message across in today’s digital age is by the use of animation in your video. It certainly makes the viewing a lot more enjoyable. Animation can work well in all of the above mentioned wedding ideas and will make your invite stand out.

Put your instant messaging app to use, post out those pendrives or simply send the invite by email to your guests – as long as you are sending out a video invite – you are in tune with the changing times.

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